Facts & Figures


Filing Fees

See the Nebraska Supreme Court's website, www.supremecourt.ne.gov/self-help/fees.html

The Clerk of the District Court serves the general public.  All of the clerk's records are public information.  Copies and certified copies may be obtained from this office.  The fees must be received prior to receiving the copies or faxes.  E-payment is available through https://www.nebraska.gov/courts/epayments/index.cgi

If you are requesting photocopies and want to remit payment through "epayments", you must contact the Clerk of District Court office first.  The following fees apply for obtaining copies or faxes:

Photocopies $.25 per page
Certification $1.00 per seal for certification
Faxing (Outgoing) $3.00 for first page and $1.00 per each subsequent page
Faxing (Incoming)
The use of Fax
$3.00 for first page and $1.00 per each subsequent page.
AAll fax filings must comply with the Nebraska Supreme Court Rules for the Use of Fax Machines in State Courts

Payments of Property Settlement, Spousal Support, Court Costs, Fines, etc.

The Clerk of District Court accepts payments of cash, check or e-payment through https://www.nebraska.gov/courts/epayments/index.cgi

Child Support

As of December 21, 2001, all payments of child support are to be paid through the Nebraska Child Support Payment Center.  If there is a judgement for spousal support with the child support order, the spousal support will be paid there also.  You may contact them at 1-877-631-9973 or through thier website at www.nebraskachildsupport.com